Why Travel with Audrey?

"Don’t spend your time trying to research the best value for your dream vacation to Italy, France, Spain and beyond (Portugal, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia)! That’s my job! So, sit back and relax; Together with my team and in-country associates I'll make all the arrangements and take care of all the details for you. I know that the trip of a lifetime deserves special attention. That's why I can create the perfect guided vacation, just for you".

Not sure where to start? Take a look at some of my recommended pre-packaged escorted tours and book your trip of a lifetime to Europe or South America!

Personalized Escorted Tours-Get a Private Escorted Tour in France, Italy, Spain and beyond

"We want a great vacation...but"
You do not like the idea of packaged tours, standing in line at must-see sites, do not have time to research and organize the vacation yourself, not sure who and what to believe online nor do you want to feel like a tourist.

Online travel has left you with two choices: settle with a cookie-cutter tour or spend your time researching and organizing. Why does it have to be this way? It doesn't! Travels with Audrey is perfect for travelers that do not do cookie-cutter tours. Personalize your tour for a truly unique experience!

How do I do it?

Whether you have a specific itinerary in mind or just a few ideas, together with my team, I can help you create your personalized escorted tour for your group of family, friends, co-workers, club members, clients. You can choose to base your tailor-made experiences on one of my recommended pre-packaged tours, with a few additions or alterations, or as an alternative I can craft an entirely new itinerary, designed to maximize your vacation. Tour packages can range from 5 day specialty tours to two week travel packages, the choice is yours. Together with my team and in-country associates, we offer exceptional value for your travel investment by providing you with travel expertise and a high level of support. Because of our relationships with suppliers and our extensive in country expertise we are able to offer you private, unique and exclusive experiences. As Lonely Planet author Robert Reid says, "Even if you could find some of these special experiences yourself, a tour operator can save you hours of research".

Each personalized tour is based on firsthand experience, local knowledge, with your group’s interest, destination, budget and time frame  in mind, a unique opportunity for personal discovery, recreation, and cultural immersion. I do not sell someone else’s tour!

Personalized tours will stay true to the company’s spirit, traveling to not only famous landmarks but to lesser known regional areas, so you will have truly unique authentic experiences from the food you eat to the accommodation you stay in. Specializing in boutique style travel unlike anything you will find elsewhere. You can literally sit back and enjoy the ride, safe in the knowledge that all the planning and logistics have been taken care of leaving you to enjoy and creating lifelong memories with your friends or family. Each personalized itinerary to inspiring destinations is filled with just the right mix of sightseeing, cultural experiences and free independent time that strengthens the family or friend bond creating priceless memories.

Here are some of the Benefits to Personalized Escorted Tours

  1. Access places large tours cannot
    Because of their size, large tours with conventional coaches simply can’t access certain places that are truly worth seeing. My small tours can and do. We use comfortable mini-buses or vans that can go almost anywhere a car can go. This means you can visit local medieval villages off the beaten path, dine in authentic small restaurants, mingle with local artisans, wine-makers, and farmers; discover historical gems, see the beautiful landscapes along the country roads and unspoiled nature.
  2. Experience local life through Full Immersion
    As part of a small group tour, you will be immersed in local cultures and traditions. Through full immersion you will experience local foods and wine, architecture, and remarkable historical sites in a most unique way. Experience fun, stimulating, and authentic cultural and social encounters.
  3. Engage in unique exclusive activities
    such as cooking classes, truffle-hunting, visits to local farms and producers, private boat rides, exclusive winery tours and wine tasting, private boat rides, guided market tours by a local chef, visit olive oil producing farms and so much more.
  4. Experience unique accommodations
    Stay in beautiful unique countryside accommodations (villas, country estates, "agriturismos", castles) that offer breathtaking views; 13th to 19th century properties nestled in historic city centers where the major sights are literally right outside your door or within walking distance, thus allowing you to maximize your free time. By staying in the center of cities, when all the daytime tourists have left for the day, you will find a place that is quite different and truly magical.
  5. Have free time and flexibility
    to explore and discover your surroundings – pursue the interests and activities you're most passionate about. Your tour manager will always be on hand to help with planning your on-you-own activities, unlike big tour groups where your time is usually 100% regimented. Flexibility by being able to take advantage of special opportunities like a photo stop or adjusting the schedule due to weather.

Have a Personal Tour Manager-Personalized Service

As your personal tour manager I look after every detail, confirming all services from meals, accommodations and local transit, ensuring everything is always to the highest standard and the logistics of your vacation run smoothly. Your tour manager speaks the local languages, shares travel tips with you, takes you on orientation walks or hikes, recommends places to eat, suggests things to do for your free time and is your connection to the local culture. When planning your travel itinerary, I only include places I know, so I can personally guarantee their quality. In addition traveling with your tour manager, you will feel safe and cared for the entire way.

Be Guided by Certified Professional Guides

An outstanding tour guide is the key to ensuring your unique travel experience to Italy or France.  My local tour guides in Italy, France and beyond are certified professional tour guides, who are experts in their field. They are passionate historians, some of whom are accomplished writers.

No Up-selling or Kickbacks

Unlike many tour operators, I do not have arrangements with local businesses to receive commissions through your patronage. Not having hidden charges when it comes to up selling excursions is rare in the tour industry. YOU are my only customer, so my only mission is to serve your interests.

Skip the Lines

When you travel with one of my personalized escorted tours, you will gain admission to most sites and activities quickly. This means you will spend your holiday enjoying sites and activities, not standing in line for them.

Travel Worry-free

All tours are personally hosted by me, Audrey. All the logistics will be taken care of from the moment you arrive at your destination to the moment you leave to return home, so you're free to focus on creating memories of a lifetime, feeling safe and cared for the entire way!

Be Rewarded for your Customer Loyalty

After your first trip, you will receive a $200 credit towards a future tour with us.

Engage in Sustainable Travel

When you travel with me, you will be doing your part to support the destinations you visit in accordance with UNESCO standards. I work with local, in country affiliates and partners to sustain local tourism. My small tours are designed to encourage local development and growth, and to help protect local economies from the negative impacts of tourism. The aim is to help you discover the places where you can feel and taste the "real spirit", the heart and soul of a country or region. Places beyond the beaten path, some even located close to well-known sights where most tourists do not go! Itineraries designed for travelers who seek out both the highlights of a destination combined with true experiences of local culture in ways that benefit local communities. For more details read my Responsible travel page here.

Pay one all-inclusive Fee
Pre-packaged escorted small group tours

The price you'll pay for your recommended pre-packaged tour is all inclusive: it includes tour operator planning and operation, your tour manager/driver-guide, double occupancy lodging, transportation, meals as per your itinerary, sightseeing with expert local guides, skip-the-line site admissions, exclusive experiences as per itinerary, taxes and luggage handling fees. You only pay extra for options that fall outside the activities and items listed in your itinerary. What's more you won't find a long list of optional excursions/tours to hike up your tour package cost, just a couple of carefully chosen ones that allow you the flexibility to choose either more leisure time or more time exploring. I do not include airfare though I can recommend a local travel agent if you need one.

Hand-Picked Itineraries

I will never send you to a place or make a recommendation that isn't backed by my own and my in-country associates' current, first-hand experience. Things change. Restaurants and hotels typically have cycles, so they're not always the best, all the time. I update my pre-packaged tours regularly in keeping with my research. I visit the places I include in my tours personally: I meet the vendors I work with and I speak with them in their own languages. Most companies come up with a single itinerary, package it and keep it the same. I can guarantee if you travel with me more than once—even to the same region—you'll have a unique experience each time.

Contact me or give me a call at 720 339 2364 to start planning your vacation of a lifetime today!