Who I Work With

I work with couples, families, organizations, groups of friends seeking a fun, unique, hassle-free vacation. My clients enjoy a vacation where all the details are taken care of from start to finish, traveling with a tour manager/driver guide and prefer an authentic customized experience with a local expert.  They also recognize unbeatable value, know that if they were to do everything they do on a personalized escorted tour on their own, they would spend a substantial amount of their own time researching, as well as spend close to 3 times the amount of money. The costs of services like private guides, private drivers, a full-time tour manager, among others, are split among all members of the group, so they know they end up getting MORE and paying LESS. Guests look for quality vs quantity, place knowledge and service ahead of price. A vacation is a very special, important part of my clients' lives—a time to discover, relax, creating memories with loved ones and have fun!

  • I work with clients who want to be taken care of instead of having to manage the myriad details of an amazing private tour themselves. Whether they choose to travel with a tour manager or have an independent travel experience, my team and I take care of every aspect of each person's vacation from planning to on-site activities, arranging everything to their specifications. The clients I work with want to savor every moment of their vacation, and that's what I enable them to do: Truly let go!
    My clients treasure time spent with family members or friends they're traveling with. They know that everything is taken care for them so that they can stop thinking about logistics, the language barrier and about possibly missing out on the unique things.
  • I work well with clients who seek to engage in the local culture of the places they visit. They're curious, open to new experiences, are flexible enough to try new things, adventurous and like to be pampered at the same time! If walking, trying something new, tasting new foods, adding fun and adventure into your life are some of the things you're looking for in travel, you're in the right place!I work best with clients who fit well with my specialty: they want an intimate travel experience and they're open to communicating honestly with me about their wishes and desires. This is the key to the customization that makes my small tours so unique and special.
  • I'm not a good match for individuals or groups who want to move around quickly, hopping from one city or country to another to see as much as possible in a short amount of time. My personalized escorted tours are a terrific match for those who are interested in getting deeper into the local culture, eager to go a little farther off the beaten path, and curious about trying new foods.
  • My clients are fun as well as friendly lovers of life. I like to laugh and work best with others who do, too! And although I take care of all the details for my clients, the unexpected is a part of life. I work best with those who recognize and understand that we have to be willing to expect the unexpected in life. Sometimes restaurants are closed; rooms aren't always ready at the precise moment of arrival; sights are closed because of a local holiday. Things do happen, and it's up to us to go with the flow in life. It's an important part of being open to just having a good time.
  • My personalized escorted tours involve a good deal of walking, so I work best with clients who are physically able and feel comfortable walking or standing for long periods of time. My clients need to be able to climb in and out of vans, walk around steep areas, and stand for considerable periods. I can't provide wheelchairs or scooters. There are tours that do accommodate physical impairments that will be more enjoyable and rewarding if you cannot walk or stand for very long.
  • If you're looking for a family vacation younger children will enjoy, my recommended pre-packaged escorted small group tours may not be a good choice. Children are likely to be bored; there simply aren't enough activities included that allow for kids to do what they do best—have fun being kids! A teen traveling strictly with adults will likely be bored, but there have been exceptions. For personalized (customized) family vacations, I can create a tour designed just for you, with activities for all ages (from teens to grandparents), learning opportunities, unique bonding experiences the whole family can enjoy leaving you to create lasting memories!
  • Because my tours are small, they are not a great fit if you aren't willing to travel light. Space is limited on my smaller tour vehicles and the trains or boats we'll travel on. My clients can bring one piece of luggage and one small carry-on bag. We can stop at a laundromat for an hour for your convenience, but dragging two big suitcases around isn't going to work.
  • Over the years of traveling, I've learned that I don't do well trying to work with those who have little respect for other cultures and people. On a personalized escorted tour, we all have to respect each other, and it's equally important to respect the people who work and live in the regions we visit. It is important that you are willing to make an effort to experience their culture. Little things like making an effort to learn to say 'good morning' or 'good bye' to shopkeepers in their own language, and bigger things like being open to eating the foods the locals do matter on my tours.
  • Food and beverage experiences are a big part of my tour; you won't do well traveling to culinary areas like France, Italy, Spain or beyond if you're a strict vegetarian or can't eat certain foods. We can definitely work around certain dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, but it's something we should have a clear conversation about before you book your tour.

Give me a call at 720 339 2364 or contact me today. Let's have a chat about the possibilities for your dream vacation with your group of family or friends!