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Spain provides some of the richest cultural heritage to be found anywhere in Europe and is Europe’s most exotic country.

Capital: Madrid
Currency: Euro
Official language: Castillian Spanish

Spain conjures images of flamenco dancers, sangria, tapas, matadors, café-lined plazas, sleepy villages with white-washed houses, olive groves, soaring cathedrals, ancient Roman ruins to vast plains and high mountain peaks. This modern country offers top-notch museums, inventive cuisine and never fails to open up travelers’ eyes, minds and hearts. From the Pyrenees to the coast, its landscapes and varied cultures are well worth exploring.

Passionate, sophisticated and devoted to living the good life, Spain is at once a stereotype come to life and a country more diverse than you ever imagined. Spain is comprised of 17 autonomous regions and two autonomous cities: Ceuta and Melilla. Each of these unique regions and cities has its distinct customs, history and even languages. Some of the Catalans insist they are not part of Spain at all. Is Spain the Alhambra, the sherry bodegas, flamenco and bullfights of Andalucia? Of course it is, but a Celt from Asturias would be quick to point out that they have never seen the Moorish influence which is typical of southern Spain. Or is it Castilla-La Mancha, home of massive castles, windmills and Don Quixote? The Balearic Islands of Mallorca and Menorca, or the Canary Islands off Africa have little in common with that image of Spain.

But, no matter where you roam, Spaniards love visitors, and you’ll feel warmly welcomed at every turn. A fiery, passionate place, this country will stay with you forever and will be a lot kinder to your wallet than other European destinations.


I would like to take you straight to the soul of this enigmatic land by guiding you, not only to its famous sites, but also to my favorite places off the beaten path where you can enjoy the rhythm of Spanish daily life.  Spain is so culturally and geographically diverse that it is poised to seduce, as well as surprise you from architecture in Barcelona and music in Andalusia, food in the Basque country to art in Madrid. I have one goal: to use my local knowledge and my connections to grant you exclusive access to the most unique experiences. Whether you love culture, cuisine, family fun or a mix, private tours are hand crafted to your unique style for an unforgettable experience of Spain. Choose the experiences that interest you to begin building your vacation of a lifetime.

NOTE: Private customized tours often begin in Madrid, Barcelona or even Lisbon as these are the major inbound airports.


You have many options. Here are some of the highlights you could choose to include in your customized private tour with me:

  • Sip wine made from more than 100 different grape varieties and 69 denominations of origin on a private tour of the world’s largest vineyard
  • Taste the diverse flavors of “tapas” in the south and “pintxos” in the North
  • Experience the sensuous magic of a Flamenco show in Sevilla or Granada
  • Experience La Tomatina Festival in Buñol, Valencia
  • Soak up rays on the sun-drenched beaches of the Mediterranean on the Costa Del Sol
  • Hike the majestic Pyrenees
  • Take one of my private tours of the Alhambra, Granada, the exquisite high-point of Andalucía’s Islamic architecture
  • Take a tour of Cordoba’s Mezquita, perfection rendered in stone
  • Discover an appreciation of sherry in Jerez de la Frontera
  • Visit Gaudi’s Barcelona, the astonishing architectural legacy that came to define the city
  • See Madrid’s golden mile of art, three of the world’s best art galleries
  • Enjoy an exquisite lunch on your private visit of an olive oil producer
  • See the Holy Grail – rumor has it that the beautiful Valencia Cathedral houses what many historians and Christian theologians consider to be the authentic Holy Grail
  • Dine in the world’s oldest restaurant in Madrid
  • Take a tour in Sevilla where you can visit the tomb of Christopher Columbus and marvel at the world’s largest cathedral
  • Visit well-preserved Roman ruin sites like the Roman aqueduct in Segovia which has stood for 2000 years


While most people associate Spain with a sunny Mediterranean climate, this large country is actually divided into three distinct weather regions. The best time to visit Spain will depend on your travel plans and where you’re heading, but generally the early part of summer and beginning of autumn are good times to visit most regions. The coastal south enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. The central plains, including Madrid, have a more extreme climate, with hotter summers and colder winters. The mountain areas get the most rain. The Basque country to the north has a maritime climate and is cooler and wetter.


Each province and region boasts its own unique flavors and specialties that vary depending on factors such as customs, geographical location, weather, and the quality of soil. Thus, from the virtues of the Mediterranean Diet to the refinement of Catalan cuisine, Spain’s gastronomic landscape is as spectacular and diverse as the country itself. Home of the gazpacho and delicious fortified wine (sherry), Andalusia features a superb combination of long-lasting Arabic traditions, great seafood and Mediterranean products: Valencia is renowned for paella; meanwhile, the refined Catalan cuisine combines the best from the sea and the mountains, being especially famous for sauces and cava (a local sparkling wine).

The art of pairing food with conversation in a pleasant ambiance has always been a common habit for Spaniards, who love their food as much as they enjoy socializing. Deeply rooted in the local culture, tapas are the most famous and beloved Spanish culinary tradition, and an experience no one should miss while visiting Spain.  Tapas are not a certain dish; they consist of small bites of local food usually eaten when ordering a drink at the bar, and they can be almost anything from marinated olives to seafood, Spanish ham, or cheese. Tapas are called “pintxos” in the Basque country and in Barcelona and are a great way of sampling the local delicacies.


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