Some prefer to leave all the planning to the experts! Relax and enjoy the pleasures of a well planned private tour where everything is taken care of so you can be on vacation.

When booking a pre-designed tour package with me, all costs are included in the price of the tour (administration fees, tour planning fee, tour manager, taxes, accommodation, transportation, meals, private guides, skip the line entrance fees, special unique activities like wine tasting, cooking classes to name a few) When booking a personalized escorted tour a non-refundable tour planning fee is required. As per industry standard tour manager/tour consultant services are a fee-based model, and here’s why:

  • I offer an exceptional value for your travel investment by providing travel expertise, personal relationships with suppliers, a high level of support, and extensive experience throughout Italy, France and beyond.
  • I can save you time. The choice of travel options is staggering for most consumers, but a well-connected tour operator has the knowledge and connections to do it for you.
  • Networked tour operators, as I am, can arrange private, unique, exclusive experiences. And, as Lonely Planet author Robert Reid says, “Even if you could find some of these special experiences yourself, a tour operator can save hours of research.”
  • Many suppliers of travel are now paying little to no commissions to travel consultants (and agents), but that doesn’t matter to you because, unlike many sellers of travel, I’m not going to pressure you to buy a particular product or service based on who pays me the most commission. Not at all. I’m looking out for you, helping you create your dream trip. Not pushing my own agenda.
  • Did I mention I have years of experience in travel design, tour development, and tour management? It’s worth mentioning again. My contacts in Italy, France and beyond are proven and reliable, and are, in many instances, now my friends. Europeans are very good to their friends, and they treat my clients with extra care. I know the countries well. You benefit from my experience and expertise.

City or town orientation: $75 for up to 2 hours, $140 for 2.5-4 hours

I will meet you at your city-center hotel or at a predetermined city-center location or town and give you an orientation walk of the city or town. Restaurant and shopping recommendations as well as travel tips included. If a vehicle is required for half day outings or full day outings the cost would be calculated over and above the Tour Manager cost.

Tour manager/Driver Guide services: $200 per day (full days for groups of less than 12 preferred, up to a maximum of 16)

I’m a Certified International Tour Manager (CITM) with several years of experience leading small groups (up to 16 people) throughout Italy, France and beyond. Traveling with a tour manager means you have a built-in concierge during your trip. The tour manager makes sure the logistics of your trip go smoothly, helps you with special requests along the way, offers cultural information and travel tips, orients you to each city, walks you to that market or site that might be hard to find on your own, recommends favorite restaurants, and helps you arrange your free time plans. You can find testimonials on my website at www.travelswithaudrey.com

With groups of 6 or less, I am the driver/guide, not only taking care of directions, getting around, but also as your guide, taking you to little known places, hidden treasures, a unique and genuine travel experience that large group tours are unable to offer.

In the case where a vehicle would be rented or hired, which I would make the arrangements for, the costs for that vehicle/driver would be calculated over and above the Tour Manager/Driver Guide fees on a daily rate. In the case where the Tour Manager would be required on multiple days, hotel and meal costs would be calculated over and above the Tour Manager fee.

Detailed itinerary planning: $400 (trips lasting 2-5 days), $700 (trips lasting 7-15 days)

I will discuss with you your particular wish list and travel dreams and help you create a just-right personalized tour itinerary. No cookie cutter approach here. I will provide specific travel tips, suggestions, and restaurant recommendations for your itinerary and book the land portion of your tour for you. You will receive digital final documents, and I will confirm all services for you.

Taking care of everything so you can be on vacation!