Audrey's Team

Dan Dieckhaus (Tour Manager, Custom Itinerary Consultant)

Travels with Audrey welcomes Dan Dieckhaus to the team. Dan and I have been working and traveling together for many years. A 10 year Certified International Tour Manager and past operations director for a well known small group luxury tour operator, Dan brings his knowledge and expertise to assist with all phases of tour planning and implementation. Dan enjoys the people he gets to meet on tour, from city guides, drivers, hotel and restaurant owners and staff. He is a true people person and continually receives rave reviews for his work on and off the tour. He loves developing long-term relationships with our associates overseas, which ensures that our tours run smoothly.

Lucetta Rossetto (Italy-Custom Itinerary Consultant, Tour Manager, Tour Guide)

After High School, Lucetta studied Hotel Administration in England. Once back home in Italy, she started her career in the Travel Industry by working for Lusturismo Agency in Luserna San Giovanni and Torino and Ramognini Travel Agency in Pinerolo, Torino. From 1975 to 1989 she worked in a well-known Travel Agency in Torino and dedicated her time designing customized tours for small groups to Italy and throughout Europe. In 1989 she became the owner of her own company, I Viaggi di Lucetta in Torino, where she specialized in custom tours all over the world and in incoming groups to Italy. She also acted as Tour Manager for her own groups to Vietnam, China, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, United States and Australia. Since 1990, every year, Lucetta has been conducting tours in Italy for her American clients on tours ranging on average 25 days covering several countries in Europe.

Among her many specialty tours, she offers Epicurian Tours for “La Villa Cucina, New York” and has a yearly group from Escondido, California. Today, other than leading tours, she cooperates with Extraservice Travel in Bibiana, in the role of Technical Manager, in which her expertise in all regions of Italy, are essential. In 2006 she also added to her long list of experiences, working as a facilitator for the President of Universal Studios and NBC during the Torino Winter Olympic Games.


Cinzia Trevisan (Italy-Tour Guide)

Cinzia, born in Venice in 1961, graduated in History at the University of Venice and received first-class honors. She specializes in Venetian and Byzantine History. From 1982 to 1984, Cinzia lived in the United States, spent six months in Los Angeles and in San Francisco, where she collaborated with the U.S. Department of the Interior at the Golden Gate Recreation Area translating from English to Italian a pamphlet on Alcatraz Island. From December 1983 to November 1984 Cinzia lived in Orlando, Florida, where she worked for Walt Disney World Co. at EPCOT Center as an Italian Culture Representative as well as a tour guide for a local company. When she returned to Venice she began to work in tourism as a tour leader and interpreter. From 1991 to 1997 she held lectures on the City’s History and Art for the UNESCO Campaign on safeguarding Venice as well as contributing to the restoration of two 15th and 19th century paintings n the Church of Santa Maria Formosa in Venice. Since 2000, Cinzia has been working as a registered guide of Venice, leading tours in English, French and Spanish and owns her own travel company together with her husband Luigi.

Recently Cinzia graduated with honors receiving a Master's Degree in Economy and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities.


Dr. Susanna Buricchi (Italy-Tour Guide, Custom Itinerary Consultant)

Susanna holds an Art history degree and Ph.D. at the University of Florence, did an internship at the department of education of the Uffizi and studied for one year in Paris at the University of Sorbonne. Susanna teaches art history in the University of Arezzo and is also an Art history lecturer in Florence. She is the author of many art books (among them, a book on 50 selected masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Tuscan Renaissance artists and the Medici family artistic patronage). One of her books has been translated into English and is published in the States by Barnes & Noble. The title is “Renaissance Art Masterpieces in Florence”. Other books have been translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

She is an accredited tour guide of Arezzo, Florence, Siena and she knows the ins and outs of Tuscan culture and the highly specialized Florentine world of art and knows how to bring art to life. She is a member of the scientific committee for the European Community project “Tuscany and Europe” an artistic and cultural exchange from the 14th to the 19th century in collaboration with the University of Florence. As an Art Historian and Author she is currently a member of the prestigious “Academy of Drawing” the world’s first Academy established in 1563 in Florence by Giorgio Vasari and Cosimo I de’Medici.


Kerstin Fister (Germany-Custom Itinerary Consultant)

Kerstin studied English and geography at the University of Potsdam and after graduating from her Masters, she applied for an internship at a local tour company, for which she still works in today.

She has always had a passion for travelling and has been to almost all the countries in Europe as well as most of the States in the United States.  Professionally she is an important part of the team designing custom itineraries in Germany for clients.

Maria Isabel Botelho Neves de Miranda Vieira (Portugal-Tour Guide and Itinerary Consultant)

Isabel received her degree in Tour Guiding and Tourism Management from INP, Instituto Superior de Novas Profissoes in 1980, followed by a course in “Influence of Judaism in European Culture at the Department of Jewish Teaching of the Israeli Lisbon Community, and from 1990 to present several courses on medieval art and history at the FCSH (Faculty of Social and Human Sciences).

She is proficient in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Since 1980 she works as a Certified Tourist Guide and Tour Manager working for national and international companies as Shore Tours, Trafalgar, Regina Tours. She is involved in product planning, product designing and programming of new itineraries as well as coordination and management of incentives, events, conferences and meetings. She also works at the Hospitality desk for incentive groups and for pre/post cruise programs for many companies like Renaissance, Crystal, Silversea among others.

Juliana Mayer (South America-Custom Itinerary Consultant)

Juliana was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has been working in the tourism sector for over 20 years. In 1996, she received a degree in Tourism from USAL university and has been working on different projects since. In 2001 Juliana started working with her brother, Rafael Mayer, starting their own company.  As a tour operator they specialize in creating the best trips for clients to Argentina & Chile.

Her parents took her and her two brothers to different provinces of Argentina, since they were children, which helped Juliana develop an incredible knowledge and love for the different landscapes and regions of her country. Her favorite destinations are Patagonia & the North of Argentina. She lived several years in London where she took the opportunity to travel through Europe and developed strong business relationships with several agents  that keep working with her to create dream vacations for their clients. Juliana manages one of the DMC sectors of the company. She has two lovely daughters, and she loves to travel with them through Argentina and let them discover the magnificent beauty of their country, just as her family used to do with her.

Nathalie Zaveroni (Italy-Tour Guide)

Welcome in Bologna and Emilia Romagna region! I am Nathalie, French by origins but Italian in my heart: I've been living in Bologna for 21 years. I graduated in art and philosophy in France, with an emphasis on Tourism in 1993. That same year I started working as a tour leader with groups in Europe as well as other countries around the globe. My goal was to succeed in becoming a certified official tour-guide of Bologna, Ravenna, Ferrara, Modena and Parma. An intensive preparation made my dream come true in 2003! In Italy, our profession as a tour-guide is strictly regulated in order to give our visitors the best services, and make them feel the "true Italian soul”. Visiting Bologna with me, you choose a different way to know the city.

With Travels with Audrey (your family or as a small private group), I am able to offer tailored walking tours of Bologna, a city full of life and rich in curiosities. Bologna is such a magical city:  not on the main tourist trail, one hour driving from Ravenna's port, easily reached by train, close to the main factories of Ferrari, Lamborghini Ducati, capital of gastronomy in Italy with Balsamic Vinegar and Parmigiano cheeses all around! Yes, I just mentioned the "Motor Valley" and the "magical Slow Food Triangle”… All the itineraries in the countryside can be tailored made for you with possibilities like driving tests, museums, factories, local producers and specific food and wine tastings in amazing places.  See you soon in Bologna, in Emilia Romagna, in the heart of true Italy!


Loli & Gunda (Spain-Custom Itinerary Consultants)

Their most important aim is to offer a personalized service, offering their clients exposure to the authentic Spanish culture.

Loli, born in England, started her career in Travel Business in 1982 working for Viajes Alhambra, an important international agency. After nearly 15 years working for this company, she decided, together with a partner, to start their own business, an incoming travel agency more than 20 years ago, and fulfill their dream of creating tailor- made cultural (for adults and youngsters) and incentive programs in Spain.

Gunda, has been by Loli's side in the business for the last 10 years. A German native, they work together with German and English speaking clients.  She studied philology in Germany before coming to Spain, where she fell in love with the country and stayed working in the world of travel.